Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Inspiration from my little quilt group....

We met at Diane's home, and we enjoyed seeing these beautiful thirties reproduction quilts hanging over her banister.  So cheery for summer.  I made this particular pattern and my daughter Abbie laid claim to it.

Barbara has been a mentor to many quilters.....me included.

Many of these fabrics are feed sack.  How do I know, because I shared some of mine with her.

Gaylyn, has been busy.  We all loved this two colored Bear Paw design.

These traditional quilts remain some of my most favorite.

I especially love the off set setting style of this quilt.

This is Diane's masterpiece.....absolutely love it.

Most of her quilts are hand pieced, and of course hand quilted.

Gaylyn, has just returned from a visit to Viet Nam, so she also had purchases from her trip to share with us. When my daughter Katrina taught English in Viet Nam, her sister Abbie and I met her there for a visit.  That was probably about 10 years ago.  We found it to be a marvelous place, and found it to be very friendly and quite inexpensive.  I would go once again in a heartbeat.

This hand embroidered bag was a favorite.

All of these items were hand embroidered.

As you can see, the work is exquisite.

"Everything changes the hour you realize that there are exactly enough minutes for the important things in life." - Ben Behunin

Monday, May 22, 2017

Continuing with the collection of Welsh Quilts -

The information about each entry will come prior to the photo in todays post.

The fact that most Welsh quilts are made from solid fabrics, reminds me of Amish quilts.

I beg to differ concerning the quilting on this particular quilt, which I find to be lovely.

I really love this block.  In fact I made a quilt using this design a few years ago.

Exquisite quilting in this quilt.

I was pleased to have this sewing kit to take with me.  It was made for my birthday a few years ago by my friend Kerry Green.

The inside of the kit is also adorable.  You can see the little velvet bird pincushion, the needle keep, two side zipper pockets and little places for pens and scissors.

As you fold it up, there are more pockets.

It has my identity and contact information on the back......that's a very good thing as I've been known to leave things behind.....However, this beautiful sewing kit came home with me!

Hope everyone had a great week end and are excited about beginning a new week.

"Give light and the darkness will disappear of itself."
-Desiderius Erasmus

Friday, May 19, 2017

Welsh Quilts.

I was really drawn to these Welsh quilts.  They are dramatic in their simplicity.  Their are a couple of exceptions with the simplicity that is usually found in Welsh quilts.

Log Cabin....This Victorian sofa throw, a variation of a log cabin quilt, Court House Steps, was made in Horeb, Cardiganshire in 1888 by a Miss Lloyd whose family bred champion Welsh cobs.  The fabrics are mainly from furnishings and are neatly tied with small red tufts at almost every corner.

Woolen Hexagons.

See Dazzling Patchwork above.

A central square of bowties is surrounded by small blocks, sharks teeth, and then many borders of bowties.  Wonderful array of fabrics including tartans which was very popular during Queen Victoria's time.

Red and black center, plus the addition of gray.  These are traditional Welsh quilts and are made of flannel.

"Content makes poor men rich.  Discontent makes rich men poor."
- Benjamin Franklin

Thursday, May 18, 2017

We woke up to snow this morning.....

......and remember the roses I posted yesterday, snow and roses are not compatible! :-(  But then I remind myself not to sweat the small stuff.  Instead we will look at some beautiful quilts.

These two charming women were part of the Quilt Mania staff.....and I fell in love with both of them.

There was a large selection of these amazing hand pieced quilts, and they were all fabulous.  I took just a few pictures as a highlight.

This is the first time for me to become acquainted with the sisters Mimick and Simpson.  It was a privilege, they were delightful to visit with.

I needed to have a close up of this gorgeous quilt.

Perhaps some of you have the books which Quilt Mania did of Linda Koenig's designs.  I have both of them as I have always been so inspired by her work.  She passed away this past year and her quilting friends in Indiana made this quilt in her remembrance.

I loved this Log Cabin quilt which was for sale.....the Temperance quilt hanging next to it was also wonderful.

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